Hello, December.

So, as usual I’m late to posting. I’m sorry, please forgive me!? Any who, with Thanksgiving done and gone, December is here! You know what that means? CHRISTMAS!!! So excited! All these decoration ideas buzzing and all I have is a theme for Christmas.  Black, white and silver with a Jack Skellington pop! But lets get into an overview a little of thanksgiving and the nail extravaganza. My boyfriend’s cousin is moving away for college and she’s my shoe sister and loves to spend money, so for me, I hit the jackpot. She gave me a few things and has told me I should be getting more! Check out the haul:


Christian Audigier studded bowler, gray pumps, royal blue pumps and 2 pairs of knockoff Keds.

This was one of the best freebies I’ve gotten in a while!  Still haven’t used the bag in fear of ruining it, haha.  After Thanksgiving, I was lucky enough to have some awesome buddies of mine give me an extremely early Christmas gift.  They bought me the new A Day To Remember album then took me to get it signed.  Now, I had never met a band I listened to in my life. A lot of people found that hard to believe, but seriously… Never ever, so I didn’t know how I would react.  They we’re amazing! I had butterflies and almost stuttered but I kept my cool.  My friends I went with had met them multiple times and the band acted like they were long time friends when they saw each other.  It was insanity.


I like to call that my “stoked” face.

Once this was all and done with, my nails on both occasions were a little darker than normal, but I loved them! Check em out.


Both were done with OPI’s All Sparkley and Gold, followed with Covergirl Outlast’s Black Diamond (first pic) and OPI’s Black Sand Emotions

My favorite was the matte finish set.  It lasted the longest and looked so clean.  When the fall nails were finished and December finally came rolling in, the Christmas nails came to play!  I’m having a lot of fun with these Christmas nail design ideas and besides the two I’m about to show you, I have a billion more rolling around my brain.


Done with Sinful Color’s Snow Me White covered with OPI’s Happy Anniversary and then rhinestones!

This was my first design for Christmas and I had a ton of fun with it.  A bit time consuming, but definitely worth it.  It left my nails looking clean but a little jazzy as well.


The red and white in this set is mixes of 2 colors.  1 coat of Sally Hansen’s Red Zin with 2 coats of NYC’s Broadway Burgundy Frost, then Sinful Color’s Snow Me White topped with China Glaze’s White Cap.

This is what I’m currently wearing and is so classy and pretty.  I will most likely try and duplicate this in another set later in the year.  Welp, I hope you liked what I had to offer on my life adventure and I will be posting about my Christmas decor next!

‘Til next time…

xoxo – Demi


And then, it was fall.

Aaah, the one main thing I love about fall and winter is the scarves, boots and colors.  Between the leaves on the trees changing (in California its like 1 out of 10 trees that will change colors, lol) to the fashion colors of the season, I love it all.  I know that Oxblood is the current fall fashion, which I love, but I will need to invest in some more deep reds.  But on the other hand, I did a good haul last weekend that consisted of colors I’ve never really had an interest in.  You’ll come to learn, and see, that when it comes to nail colors I love nudes and pinks. Girly!  Check out the haul I brought home:

the haulA smaller load than normal, but I love it all.

I’ll update on the items in the haul later.  What’s not included in the picture is O.P.I’s Avojuice Ginger Lily scented lotion.  I got a HUGE bottle because it smells so god damn good and it doesn’t leave you feeling oily, only smooth and like buttah. Yep. Said it.

In other news,  I have a few more nail styles I’ve done for fall.  Obvi there will be more to come, with Thanksgiving coming I would like to have something more detailed, but to be honest, I’ve been quite tired and lazy lately. Check ’em out:

bowtie nails redKeepin’ it classy.

This one I had a little fun with to start fall off on a brighter note. The middle finger is actually adorned with a black base coat (Sally Hansen) and 2 coats of a sparkly red color.  The ring finger has My First Knockwurst by O.P.I. with the same red sparkle for the bowtie and rhinestone accents.

navy nailsA little dark and elegant.

The dark blue I used was Afterschool Boy Blazer  by Essie, which is by far one of my new faves.  It makes me think of blueberries and I couldn’t help putting it on my toes too.  My ring ringer has Essie’s On A Silver Platter which was a random grab but it’s sooo much prettier in person;  it has tiny gold shimmer with purplish flecks in it.  So pretty next to the Australian crystal rhinestones on my middle finger.

plumnude Clean and Neat

This was a quick style, I needed to fix up my nails before work.  The base is a shimmery China Glaze nude with a deep purple O.P.I I bought a while ago.  With the white/clear Australian crystal rhinestones at the ‘V’ point, kinda makes them look a little Princess Jasmine-y. I will update with colors later and I hope you liked what I provided.

Until next time…

xoxo – Demi

Halloween (Late Post)

Hello!  Once again, I’m late, I’m late…

So, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and you got to see my nails and home decor towards the beginning of the month. Now that it’s over, sad face, down goes the Halloween decor and soon will be Christmas! Super excited for that.  But for my Halloween post, I will show you the completion of my nails and my work appropriate Halloween costume.

Only two of us in my office dressed up for the spirit of Halloween. One of my coworkers (and fellow bloggers Becky Huang, author of http://cupcakesglitterneverythingb.wordpress.com/) was Snow White and I, the Evil Queen/Evil Witch. Check it out!


I look insane, but I guess it fits the part. Borrowed apple did a good job to complete the picture. 😛

Whilst explaining who we were, another one of our coworkers thought Snow White was a blonde… REALLY? No. But we did our best to portray these iconic characters.  To go along with my Evil Queen attire, I also did my nails a bit glamorous and royal.  A mix of gold, purple and black did the trick. (Will update with colors later)


So pretty right?! I love it.

To complete the theme, here are the two other nail designs I had for Halloween.  One a little vampirish (and blurry, sorry) the other more of the skeletal look.  Of course, both are adorned with rhinestones!


Ugh, that blur is horrible.

Right after Halloween, we got word of a buddy moving out but taking his cat to a shelter (fairly high kill rate), so we fostered him overnight until we had resolved where he would go.  He was so terrified of my dog that he kept himself in the bathroom, but once you hung out with him, he was so lovable and playful.  He goes by many a name (Sal, Mr. Mustachio, Pistachio) but has a huge heart and tons of energy to play.  Luckily, after our slumber party, my friends roommate was willing to take him and give him a forever home with his mommy!  So, without further ado, this is Mr. Mustachio.


Isn’t he so dapper!? And he feels like angora; he’s so effing soft!

Next post I will show you some of my fall nail designs and my new hair style.  Until next time!

xoxo – Demi

I’m so horrible at this…

So for anyone who is following me (looks slim to no one , HA!), my apologies for not posting sooner.  Life took over for a cool moment, my friend’s grandma (who is like my own) is in the hospital and we’ve been visiting her and receiving updates on the daily about her.  She’s better now, but tends to go back and forth.  She has been diagnosed with Diverticulitis, a very severe case with her age, and a case of the “Sun Downs” (this is just a swift over view on what we have been told).  Basically, she starts having a form of Dementia once the sun starts setting.  It has improved immensely so please keep her in your prayers.

For some lighter news, I have 2 nail updates!  For the first, we’ve got some creepy crawlies and ghosts. Eeeeeeek! With cute little rhinestone eyes! This set was done with the following:

  • Sally Hansen HD: Cyber (Purple/Blue, my camera messed with the coloring)
  • Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant: Black Diamonds
  • China Glaze: Turned Up Turquoise
  • Sinful Colors: Snow Me White
  • Milani Nail Laquer: Diamond Dazzle


I have no idea what happened with that picture, but it wouldn’t let me fix it to the correct size.  Stupid editing software (free because I’m cheap, lol). For the second I decided to go for a little dusty and blood-sucking goodness by changing it up with a little Dracula and a mummy.  Scary? NEWP! Cutesy pie? Most definitely (and a little messy, oops).  The colors I used in this arrangement were:

  • Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant: Black Diamonds
  • O.P.I.: Tickle My Francey
  • Sinful Colors: Snow Me White
  • O.P.I.: Happy Anniversary!
  • China Glaze: Turned Up Turquoise (for the mummy’s eyes)


I’m quite proud of them (even if they’re a little messy) and plus, this was my first time trying out little faces!  I’m hoping for the next two sets to be Nightmare Before Christmas themed and maybe even a bright Frankenstein.

So, besides the nail fun, I’ve gotten into the Halloween spirit in my home as well.  Took some time and couple trips to Target (multiple locations at that) and I was settled and happy.

This is the top of our entertainment center (I apologize for the blurry picture).  This one was harder to convince my boyfriend that it would turn out pretty good, but once finished and put together he loved it!  I’m hoping for more of a classy set up next year but we shall see.


And then our dining room (being used as our art space) was more of what I was trying to get at for my Halloween decor.


I love the dining room so much! These items will most likely make it into the living room on my next Halloween decorating extravaganza.  So happy with the outcome that I got, a few of my friends love it and were inspired to decorate their home next year (they felt it was a bit too late in the game) and I can’t wait to add and build onto the collection.

Lastly, I just wanna show you the new lip color I got. I’m in effing love! Rimmel London has been so good to me lately.  I love their full coverage foundation, its so soft and smooth and pretty damn perfect.  One of my coworkers (visit her blog: kechicas.blogspot.com) gave me one of their lipsticks before I bought this one and I love it.  Made me daring enough to pick out a wine color!  Check it out…


LOVE IT!  Hope you guys did too! I’m always up for suggestions on how I should do my nails or maybe even make up colors/ideas, so comment and like it ALL!

xoxo – Demi

Free is always exciting.

Hello!  Hope you all had a great weekend cause I sure did! It was an epic adventure kind of weekend.  Got a new couch, did a lot of cleaning and organizing as well.  One of our friends moved to TX this week (boo, sad news) but he needed to get rid of things out of his storage.  Low and behold, there it was, the couch of my dreams (almost, LOL) and FREE!? I couldn’t believe it!  Here’s a pic!  Even Xena loves it.

photo 2

afterlight (3)

Beautimous, I know. In other news, it was my boyfriend and I’s 3 year anniversary.  My man did fantastic and made me cry (sometimes I think that’s what he’s aiming for).  He made a delicious dinner: salmon rice and veggies, it was mouth watering.  For the gift portion, he bought me a Guess watch and a Toshiba hard drive.  The watch I thought I was never getting, nor did I know he was getting me this watch that has been sitting on my Amazon wishlist since Christmas last year.  When I opened it and started crying (ridiculous I know…) he wasn’t even sure it was the right one.  He was clever and had wrapped it in one of our print tubes so that I thought it was an artist print he bought me.  There was a ribbon attached to it and I had to pull it out to reveal this marvelous time piece.

photo 3 photo

Can you understand why I cried now? Seriously, blinged the the F*CK out!  I love it, and I wear it everyday.  And to go along with the amazing watch, I’ve also done my nails in a wee bit of fall color (even though it’s definitely not fall in CA yet.)  One set is darker than the other but it definitely still has that fall feel.

afterlight (1) afterlight (2)

’till next time…

xoxo – Demi

First post, weeee!

So, if you’ve read my about me (which if you haven’t you definitely should, it’s pretty hilarious), you’ll see what my blog was originally intended for. NAILS! I do mine all the time and have quite a few pictures of them… Some a little basic, some WOWZA!  Here’s just a few to get the ball rolling. 🙂

1044985_10200767352480668_292800744_n 996914_10201078486978836_452805443_n 1004483_10200917308029463_400790666_n 1186842_10201016583911298_868270591_n


I will do my best to keep everything up to date, if I start falling behind you’ll see a couple little events all at once.  I hope you like!

xoxo – Demi